Sunday, March 18

Lucious Ryder

First post! My friend Fannie (gymmonkey007) is starting a new video series called All About Us and has asked me to make a vampire for her. So I did and I'm fairly proud of him. I hope you like him Fannie! :)

In game I called him Lucious Ryder. He is NOT a vampire btw. (Only because some people don't have late night) Only everyday and formal wear shown. Sorry I don't have other pics of his clothes, I may post some later.

(click photo to enlarge)

CC -
Formal and everyday shirt by Newone08
Everyday jeans by Rusty
Nails by Aikea
Everyday shoes by Aikea
Eye baggage by Kitty Klan
Hair by Newsea
If I forgot something I'm sorry >.<

You don't need late night for him to work, whatever clothes are from the ep will just be changed.

Plagiarism is stupid and WRONG please do not claim my work as your own!

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