Monday, March 19

Katrina Valentine

I've had this sim for months now and now I finally get to make her downloadable >.<

Katrina Valentine

(click photos to enlarge)

Hair by Peggy
Dress from Garden of Shadows
Bracelets from Club Crimsyn
Gloves from Mod The Sims
Eyes by Lemonleaf
Shirt from DarkoSims
Leggings and Hightops from The Sims Resource

-Sorry for not posting links, I have them so if you want one just comment asking for it :) Also sorry if I missed something, my games kida f-ed up atm and it's been awhile since I've played so I can't remember it all.

-Hopeless Romantic

Plagiarism is stupid and WRONG please do not claim my work as your own!

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