Wednesday, September 5


Picture above is edited obviously xD
After more than a month and a half of trials and errors, TOP is finished! I've never made a celebrity sim like this before so he's not perfect (though I'm probably just being hard of myself), but I'm very proud of how he came out nonetheless :)

Beware picspam ahead >.<

Headshots and Everyday:




CAS Headshot:
Traits: Childish, Good Sense of Humor, Great Kisser, Virtuoso and Heavy Sleeper
Notes: His name is Seunghyun Choi in game, which is his real name for anyone who doesn't know; and under his nose is a little dark because of the skin, I tried to fix it by moving his face around but it didn't work >.<
(I can't remember where the blush, eyeliner and sleepwear bottoms are from, the formal earrings and eyebrows are by Heiret I believe but I'm not sure)
(I'm not sure which ones are used, so I put them all down)
Plagiarism is stupid and WRONG please do not claim my work as your own

Bingu Top ^-^


Nana Cupcake said...

He's so cute!! :D

Nana Cupcake said...

Amazing job!!!*

Kiki KillSwitch said...

Thank you so much Nana! :)

Jasumi said...

He's pretty good for a first try ^^

Kiki KillSwitch said...

Thank you Jasumi! ^-^

Mitsu said...

So purfect!
I really wnted to know how you make that kind of poses O.O
I've tried making them but i can't use the sliders, they don't work in my pc =.='
I had make all the Bigbang members without it.

Kiki KillSwitch said...

Thank you Mitsu! :D
I don't make the poses, I just download them from different sites like modthesims :P If you need help getting them to work I'd be happy to help :)

Anonymous said...

This is really cute, but I have no idea how to open it with the sims. I downloaded it and the sims3pack shows up (but then doesn't work when I try to install it. Something about it being an expansion.) And the .sim won't even open in the Sims 3. Can anyone help?

Kiki said...

Anon: Did you place the .sim file in the correct folder? It should be placed in the SavedSims folder in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3.
Once it is placed in that directory it should show up in your sim bin in game. As for the sims3pack, try deleting your cache files then installing it again:

I hope I helped ^^ If he still doesn't work send me an email and I'll see if I can solve your problem :)

sofi jewel said...
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Catherine said...


claraxTopVIP said...

Would we need to get all the sliders or does it work without? Also, I got him without the skins and hair and he was like pitch black and look so weird, I go kinda scared x3 so now I'm getting the skin, hair, all the clothes, but would I still need to download the sliders? How do I install sliders?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sim, but I have a problem;when I opened the archive sims3pack, doesn't work. Is something like an expansion.
Will I need to download an expansion?
Sorry for my english, is too bad :c


InbornHappy said...

I love your sim of T.o.p! However, he would not show up in the sim bin. I added him to the savedsims folder, installed him and tried redoing it, but he still does not how up? Do i need to download the sliders? If not. please make a new link/file if possible. Thank you